Membership of Healing Connections Community

What are the benefits of becoming a member of Healing Connections Community?

Healing Connections Community offers a safe space that allows you to express your thoughts and feelings without the fear of being judged. This community has been established with the clear intention of developing a strong network of connections. The aim is to support one another in these challenging, transitional times in ways that facilitate real healing and empowerment. Becoming a member of Healing Connections Community gives you an opportunity to interact and establish authentic relationships with others within the community.

Basic Membership is free. This entitles you to access the Community Forum and post messages. You will have the opportunity to connect with others and develop a supportive network.

Premium Membership costs £50 and offers additional benefits including 10% discount on all programmes and packages.

All members are required to complete a short questionnaire.

The Community Forum is a place where you can introduce yourself to other members and post requests for support or offers of support to other who may be struggling to cope with major life changes. This may be as simple as setting up regular telephone calls with another member and providing a listening ear for each other. Members can also share reflections, poems and stories that offer hope and inspiration in these transitional times and join our Telegram Channel.

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As human beings we all have a deep need for community, which gives us a sense of belonging. This usually comes about when we are in the presence of others who are like-minded and share common values and beliefs. A sense of belonging grows through sharing and co-operating with others, as well as having sensitivity to their needs and being willing to honour their differences. Essentially, it’s about creating unity and harmony in our relationships with each other, as opposed to division and conflict.

At times we can feel disconnected from other people even when we may be surrounded by people and this can be particularly painful. In recent years there has been what could be described as an epidemic of loneliness, with many people feeling disconnected from themselves and others. These are some of the factors that have resulted in a massive growth in anxiety disorders, depression, addictive patterns of behaviour, apathy and the loss of a sense of purpose. To understand more about the different types of loneliness click here.

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