Community Notice Board

Healing Connections – a caring and compassionate international community

This Notice Board is a place where you can connect with other community members and ask for support for yourself or offer different kinds of support to other members. Access to the main parts of this Notice Board is restricted to members of the Healing Connections Community.

It’s important to realise that to give and to share is to receive.

Member Introductions

Introduce yourself to others in the community and attach a photo, if you would like to do so. Please include some information about your interests, the issues that you’re passionate about and the type of people you would like to connect with.


If you have a particular service that you want to offer or simply want to form a new friendship based upon a shared interest, you can post this here.  You may want to offer a listening ear to another member who just feels a need to talk and be supported.


Here you can post any requests for a particular service or a wish to connect with others.  This may include an invitation to another member to engage in a ‘buddy relationship’ which is basically a reciprocal, mutually supportive relationship.


If you post an offer or request, please include your email address or mobile number, so that other members can contact you.


This is a space where you can post particular items that you find inspiring or uplifting. Here you can post personal experiences or observations relating to life transitions, stories, poems and reflections about life in general or in relation to major events occurring in the world. You can comment upon posts, share your own perspective in relation to particular posts and open up dialogue with others in the community.

Life Transitions Support Group

Life Transitions Support Group meets for 6 weeks at fortnightly intervals on Zoom. This group allows you to connect with others in the Healing Connections Community, who are currently experiencing life transitions.  The aim is to create a safe space where members can share their experiences in facing times of major transition in their lives.

Pain is nature’s way of signalling that something is wrong, but people often want to avoid facing the pain. When we acknowledge what’s happening and are willing to listen to the message that the pain may be conveying, we usually feel enriched on many different levels.  In these group sessions we explore the meaning of life transitions, both theoretically and in practice and look at ways that each person can apply the lessons they gain from painful events or situations, which are often life-changing. The focus will be on enabling members to integrate their experiences and develop practices, which can be a support in moving forward into a new phase of life.  

The cost for 6 weeks is £72, which works out at only £12 per session.  The Zoom calls are only available to members of the Healing Connections Community.  If you have not yet joined the community, you  will need to complete the Questionnaire for Basic Membership.  (See Membership Page)  Premium Members of Healing Connections Community receive a 10% discount on the 6 week group sessions. Places are limited, as the group is limited to 8 participants.  If the group is fully booked, you can put your name on a waiting list for the next available group.

Starting date of the next Zoom Group TBC

Healing Connections Community Telegram Channel

The Telegram Channel is where you can interact with others in the wider Healing Connections Community and engage in discussions about posts and videos that are relevant to both personal life transitions and what is happening in the wider world. Join our Telegram Channel here.

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