Healing Connection Community offers a forum for people who are experiencing personal transitions and offers ongoing support and encouragement in these transitional times we are currently living through. Life Transitions Coaching can be particularly helpful for those who have experienced major life events or are simply questioning their direction in life. The coaching process offers a real opportunity to stand back, reflect upon your life and gain a different perspective upon your situation. This usually helps to clarify the next steps and opens up the possibility of making significant changes that can completely re-orient your life. To find out more about Life Coaching Packages, please click here.

Membership of the Community is free. Before becoming a member, you are required to complete a short questionnaire. Premium Membership costs £50. This entitles Premium Members to a 10% discount on all Coaching Programmes and when purchasing items from the Store. As the aim is to provide a supportive, trusting Community, it is essential for each member to be respectful of every other member, even if they hold differing views.

The Community Forum is a place for the sharing of reflections, poems and stories that offer hope and inspiration in these transitional times. Members may post requests for support or offers of support to others, who may be struggling to cope with major life changes. This may be as simple as setting up a one-to-one exchange for ongoing dialogue and mutual support.

To find out more about becoming a member of our Community, please click here.

Sheena Taylor

Integrative Psychotherapist and Life Transitions Coach


BSc Psychology
MSc Integrative Psychotherapy
Certified Life Transitions Coach 

Healing Connections Community was founded by Sheena Taylor with the aim of bringing together like-minded people. Sheena trained in Integrative Psychotherapy at Metanoia Institute in London and has practised as a therapist for almost 30 years. In 2012 she trained as a Life Transitions Coach with the Life Purpose Institute, which is based in San Diego.

Sheena is passionate about facilitating the development of human potential and this is a central element in all her therapeutic work. In recent years her particular interest has been in working with people who have been facing major life transitions and she has extensive experience in this area.

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